As horse and dog owners, we understand that to care for them means caring for their environment too. Yet animal shampoos are almost completely ungoverned by environmental laws and regulation.

See Change Horse and Dog Shampoos are different, using ingredients and processing that meet the highest ethical and environmental standards in human cosmetics.

Use like any normal soap: add water, work into lather and scrub, then rinse away dirt and grease, leaving a smooth, shiny finish.

No plastic bottle, less packaging, 100% bio-degradable*, only tested on humans, and, as a concentrated bar, three times as long lasting as normal animal shampoo.

*See Change Shampoo bars are SLS Free, Paraben free and PEG free and 100% Vegan.


Proudly made in and delivered from the UK, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the fair treatment of workers.

Our products are 100% vegan and we oppose animal testing.
Free-from SLS, paraben and PEG – See Change uses chemical-free, natural ingredients that are kind to your horses, dogs and the planet too. See Change meets the highest ethical and environmental standards of human cosmetics.

See Change Now is a ‘climate positive workforce’. Each employee has their entire carbon footprint offset, including ‘emissions from their home, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more‘. Find out more in this blog post.