Frequently Asked Questions

A.  We designed the shampoo bar to be used inside the bag.  You can however use the bar on its own and use the bag for storage.

A. Well the idea is to use the bag till the last of the bar runs out when the bag itself will be well used. If you use the product on a finely bred stable kept horse you may find the bags do get a second chance!

A: We do have some very exciting oil blends in production so do keep a look out. All our fragrances are created from 100% essential oils.

A: Surprisingly you can. We think animal care products should be regulated in the same way the cosmetic and personal care industry is regulated and so we have followed the regulations and are fully compliant. We use it all the time, it’s fantastic.

A: Yes it is perfect for dogs. We have done our homework however we are just about to launch our dog shampoo so you may find dogs prefer the fragrance tailored especially for them.