Why groom your dog?

As responsible dog owners, we think that it’s crucial to maintain the health of our dog’s skin, ears and teeth. Although dogs do self-groom, it is important that we regularly brush our dogs, clean their teeth, check their ears, nails and skin so that we keep my dog looking and feeling its best.

Like humans, every dog is different and will therefore have different requirements when it comes to grooming. We’ve put together a simple guide to help you navigate this.

Your dog’s coat

The condition of your dog’s coat and skin is a good indication of your dog’s overall health. A healthy coat should be shiny and smooth and it’s skin should be supple and clear without flakes or bumps.

A dog’s coat can be anything from long, thick and curly to short and course and because there are so many variations, finding the right brush is a good place to start.

  • For long haired dogs a pin brush works well. These long bristles ensure that you get down to the skin without it being painful.
  • Short haired dogs don’t get so matted, instead they need to be brushed to remove dead hair and to keep their coat clean. A grooming mitt or a rubber brush works well. If stripping is required, a comb is a good choice.

Bathing your dog

Once you’ve ensured all of the knots and tangles are out of your dog’s coat, you can move onto bathing.

Regular bathing with the wrong product can cause dry and irritated skin; however, this can be avoided by choosing a gentle product that aids the condition of your dog’s skin. Let’s face it, many of our canine pals love the opportunity to roll around in a muddy puddle and so regular baths are often needed!

What to look for when choosing a shampoo:

  • Make sure it is soap free and free from SLS, paraben and PEG
  • Make sure it is scented using 100% pure essential oils
  • If it’s important to you, check that it is 100% vegan
  • A bar, rather than liquid shampoo will last you three times longer

Check your dog

When you groom your dog it gives you the opportunity to check it’s ears, teeth and nails.

  • A build-up of wax or dirt in your dog’s ear can lead to infection, if required, gently wipe inside the ear whilst bathing
  • A very high percentage of dogs suffer from periodontal disease, which can lead to tooth loss. Regular brushing can help to avoid this. There are many products on the market to aid you, but you can also help by giving your dog clean snacks such as carrots to chew on instead of a chew toy.
  • Regularly check the length of your dog’s nails. If they get too long, it can cause them discomfort and it can even affect their movement ability. If you’re not confident enough to trim your dog’s nails yourself, make sure you ask your vet or dog groomer to do this at their next visit.
  • Most importantly make sure that grooming is an experience enjoyed by both your and your dog. Lots of cuddles, pats and encouraging and calming words will stimulate those feel-good endorphins!

For more advice on caring for and grooming your dog, why not visit the Kennel Club website.

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