See Change Now - Horse Shampoo

So, you might not be attending The Horse of the Year Show but whether you are riding out with friends or competing at a weekend Dressage or Eventing competition it’s a good idea to be neat and tidy.  Professional turn out of horse and rider shows a degree of respect, to event organisers and fellow competitors. Looking and feeling good go hand in hand, first impressions count, another reason to always put your best hoof forward.  It demonstrates not only that you take yourself seriously but that you hope others do also. It’s something you have a degree of control over, something that cannot always be said about our horses’ ideas on competition day!

Whatever the case, achieving good turnout at this time of year can be a challenge.  Constant rain, muddy conditions don’t make it easy but with good stable management and a few carefully chosen products, it can become a little easier.

Finding time for proper and regular grooming can also be difficult so when you get the chance, a deep clean often involves water and shampoo. Even if a daily groom is part of your routine the deep mud and standing water we’ve experienced in recent years we would be wrong not to admit water plays an important part of daily management and clean routine.

So choosing the right products has become all the more important and if you have battled with Mud Fever, ensuring the integrity of your horses skin even under the constant stain of water logged fields is essential if it is to be avoided.

And for these reasons, plus many more, we have developed See Change The Original Shampoo bar for horses. Zero plastic, a 100% Biodegradable shampoo manufactured in the UK and made from the highest quality, super sensitive ingredients. The solid bars not only deliver on a functional level they save at least three single use plastic bottles.  Perfect too for spot washing stable stains, fetlocks and feet.

Surprise yourself and discover how innovative See Change The Original Horse Shampoo bar is and achieve sparkling results when washing your horse. Horse soap, plastic free soap that helps get super smart results and maintains the all important dermal layer so you can hopefully avoid mud fever whatever the weather and always achieve super smart turn out for you and your horse whatever your destination.