Dog Shampoo: Essential Blend No.3


230gm bar, sisal bag.

Includes postage and packaging

The new essential blend no.3 is a super mild solid shampoo that leaves the coat feeling smooth, shiny and silky. A gentle shampoo that works on the strongest of odours and muddiest of dogs without upsetting the skins natural barrier. Enriched with limes, a 100% pure essential oil.


Limes originated in Southeast Asia and were said to be introduced in the 10th Century to Egypt and Northern Africa. Known for having a high Vitamin C content, it is well known that sailors took fresh limes to sea to prevent scurvy.

As an essential oil, lime has many properties most of which are due to high levels of limonene. Also found in lavender, limonene is a popular and useful terpenes, a hydrocarbon found in the peel of citrus as well as other plant sources. A known antibacterial, antidepressant and immunostimulant and cleansing antioxidant, it can be used to reduce dandruff, dry skin and enhance shine or hair and coats.

Also known to relieve muscles and joints, the use of limes as an essential oil creates an energising and uplifting note that balances beautifully with Lavender.



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