Pet Friendly Candle


Pet friendly, British wax vegetable based candle.  With cotton wick, free from plastic made using the finest selection of 100% pure essential oils, chosen with pets in mind.  Creating a pet friendly, 60 hour burn candle, free from harmful, toxic fumes.  Helping you create a calm and safe environment in your home for all members of the family.



We all love our pets and yet most of us know sharing our homes with them sometimes  means managing smells and odour.  Central heating, modern living can cause havoc with getting the balance right.  Creating an atmosphere that’s comfortable for them as it is for us can be a challenge.

As winter draws in and we settle down to spending more time indoors, candles create a cosy, calm atmosphere and a carefully chosen scent throw can tackle pet and cooking smells, but have you ever wondered what your four legged companions think of your fragrance choice and the burning of a potentially toxic material in the home you share?

Paraffin and fossil fuel wax candles burn super clean but release harmful fumes.  That’s not good for us or pets but a pets olfactory senses  are far greater than ours which can cause real pet distress.

A natural wax candle, made using British sourced vegetable  waxes, scented with 100% essential oils chosen for dogs you can both and enjoy.

Hand poured in the UK, offering a 60Hr Burn time 272g (9.6oz) Candle Vegan friendly, cruelty free and made using 100% pure essential oils Bergamot and Ginger creating a scent throw everyone, including your pets will enjoy.


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