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All of our dog shampoo bars are the most sensitive and affective in animal healthcare as well as being delivered in a form that’s kind to the environment. As dog owners ourselves, we know how mucky they can get! Each of our shampoo bars come in a handy sisal bag, which can be hung up to dry after each use. Use them to wash off muddy paws and bellies or for a full bath. Our products offer a convenient way to keep our canine pals in tip top condition.

As we know, dogs like to blend in. Naturally, they’re either hunters or being hunted and so they don’t want a scent that’s going to give them away, which is why some of our pups have a tendency to roll around in fox poo! Each of our fragrances have been selected specifically for your dog’s pleasure, which means they are less likely to try to roll the scent off after their bath.

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