We’ve loved using the See Change Shampoo bar on the yard. The ease of use is a real plus and the rope sack makes cleaning really easy. And hanging also means the bar dries off really well between uses. We’ve found it very effective even on the large collection of greys we currently have on the yard. Love the fact that is low impact environmentally. And, that we can use with confidence on sensitive skinned horses. We would have no hesitation in recommending this product to busy professional yards and individual horse owners.

Kate Honey - 5* International Event Rider, Meridian Stud, Lambourn

I highly recommend this product. I’ve been using it on my yard of hunters for the last two weeks. It is very easy to use and leaves the coat clean, soft and grease free. Any problem mud fever areas have cleared up and are now beginning to regrow hair as it is formulated with products that don’t damage the dermal layer.

No wastage, no plastic, 100% biodegradable, great smell and great results.

I won’t be going back to shampoo in a plastic bottle. As horse owners let’s start helping to save our planet. Every little helps.

Ali Butler BVet Med MRCVS

“I was very pleased to trial the See Change shampoo bar as it is so much better for the environment. The bar is simple to use, a good smell and the dirt just seemed to fall away. When Shadow was dry, his coat was soft and grease free which was an excellent result. I highly recommend this product.

Victoria Schryver