Water Saving Week 2022 is all about raising awareness of an important issue and educating everyone on how we can better conserve our water. Many of us are now very aware of the importance of living sustainably. You may have made small changes to your daily life to help combat climate change or you might have made huge lifestyle changes to reduce your carbon footprint.

An important element of limiting global warming is raising awareness on water efficiency. Huge water deficits are on track to occur by the 2080s and so it’s important people understand what they can do to use water wisely. By doing our part in conserving water supplies, we can make a difference.

Waterwise have created this awareness week, with each day having a different theme, to raise awareness of how being mindful of our water use will help us protect our planet and save you money! Take a look at water saving week to find out more.

Meanwhile, here are some of their water saving tips, which you can implement straight away!

  1. Shower instead of bath. This can save you up to 45 litres a day!
  2. Turn off the tap whilst you brush your teeth.
  3. Fix dripping taps.
  4. Use water butts to collect rainwater as an alternative to using a hose or sprinklers.
  5. If you spot a leak in the street make sure you report it!

When we started our research, at the beginning of the See Change Now journey, we were incredulous to the amount of water that is in liquid shampoos (80-90%!!!). Using shampoo bars uses less water, gets the job done in less time and makes it easy to control the amount of product used. There’s also far less rinsing, which helps us keep our water use down!

Why not take a look at the shampoo bars we have for horses and dogs. Committing to buying sustainable products is an important step in the right direction!

On the yard there are small changes you can make to your routine to conserve water:

  1. Use left over water in buckets to clean out feed bowls.
  2. Save one water bucket for dampening evening feeds.
  3. Spot wash stable stains with See Change Shampoo bars.
  4. Have a water butt under the yard tap and fill buckets from that rather than over flowing buckets on the yard every day.
  5. Install water butts where possible.
  6. Commit to a water meter.

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