The best way to cut down on plastic is not to use it at all.

 See Change Horse Shampoo and See Change Dog Shampoo in a bar– the best, most sensitive and luxurious animal shampoo, in a form that is just as kind to the earth.

See Change Horse Shampoo - No plastic packageing


No plastic bottle, or packaging, 100% bio-degradable* and as a concentrated bar, three times as long lasting as liquid horse shampoo and dog shampoo.

*See Change Shampoo bars for horses and dogs are SLS Free, Paraben Free and PEG Free, 100% Vegan and FREE Post and Packaging!



See Change Horse Shampoo


Keeping Horses Cool

July 21st, 2021|

See Change Now is always interested to hear how people wash off and shampoo horses. We recently asked a number of our valued brand ambassadors and friends what approach they used? Without doubt the understanding [...]

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Animal lovers need to act on plastic waste

February 15th, 2021|

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Alex Baillieu visitor to our stand at Royal Windsor Horse Show 2021

We met you at your stand at Royal Windsor Horse Show and you were talking to my wife about your shampoos.
We both wanted to say we greatly appreciated the time you took to explain everything about your products and your company values.
We have been using the Horse shampoo essential blend no.3 for all our horses and in particular our older event horse that had been suffering with a severe rash from the flies and bugs. We can’t thank you enough! The shampoo is amazing, the older horse skin has got so much better and all the horse look and feel fantastic!
Same goes for the dog shampoo essential blend no.3. Our two dogs look and feel great, they have reacted really well to the shampoo and are much happier!
You have fantastic products and we love that your company is as eco friendly as possible. The net casing is great to work with and scrub into the animals coats.
My wife said we are expecting a baby and she liked burning candles and you then talked about your candles. That advise has really helped too!
Thank you again for the time you took and to introducing us to your products!
I hope you can expand into a human range of shampoos and soaps as I think they would sell extremely well, along with the well sourced ingredients and eco friend packaging.
Kind regards
Alex Baillieu

Kate Honey

We’ve loved using the See Change Shampoo bar on the yard. The ease of use is a real plus and the rope sack makes cleaning really easy. And hanging also means the bar dries off really well between uses. We’ve found it very effective even on the large collection of greys we currently have on the yard. Love the fact that is low impact environmentally. And, that we can use with confidence on sensitive skinned horses. We would have no hesitation in recommending this product to busy professional yards and individual horse owners.

Kate Honey - 5* International Event Rider, Meridian Stud, Lambourn

Ali Butler BVet Med MRCVS

I highly recommend this product. I’ve been using it on my yard of hunters for the last two weeks. It is very easy to use and leaves the coat clean, soft and grease free. Any problem mud fever areas have cleared up and are now beginning to regrow hair as it is formulated with products that don’t damage the dermal layer.

No wastage, no plastic, 100% biodegradable, great smell and great results.

I won’t be going back to shampoo in a plastic bottle. As horse owners let’s start helping to save our planet. Every little helps.

Ali Butler BVet Med MRCVS

Victoria Schryver

“I was very pleased to trial the See Change shampoo bar as it is so much better for the environment. The bar is simple to use, a good smell and the dirt just seemed to fall away. When Shadow was dry, his coat was soft and grease free which was an excellent result. I highly recommend this product.

Victoria Schryver